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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
trsl::detail::at_index_comp< RandomIterator, Comparator >
trsl::bad_parameter_valueThrown when a TRSL component receives a parameter that has a forbidden value
trsl::detail::identity< T >
trsl::is_picked_systematic< ElementType, WeightType, WeightAccessor >Functor to use with persistent_filter_iterator for systematic sampling of a range
trsl::mp_weight_accessor< WeightType, ElementType >Method Pointer weight accessor
trsl::persistent_filter_iterator< Predicate, Iterator >Adaptation of boost::filter_iterator to allow an element to be selected multiple times
trsl::detail::persistent_filter_iterator_base< Predicate, Iterator >Used internally
trsl::ppfilter_iterator< Predicate, ElementIterator >Random permutation, persistent filter iterator
trsl::detail::ppfilter_iterator_base< Predicate, ElementIterator >Used internally
trsl::reorder_iterator< ElementIterator >Provides an iterator over a permutation of a range
trsl::detail::reorder_iterator_base< ElementIterator >Used internally
trsl::runtime_errorException for runtime errors in TRSL
trsl::weight_accessor< WeightType, ElementType >Weight accessor that always returns 1
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