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common.hpp File Reference

#include <cstdlib>
#include <algorithm>

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class  trsl::detail::identity< T >


namespace  trsl

Public namespace.

namespace  trsl::detail

Implementation details.

namespace  trsl::rand_gen

Random number wrapper functions.


#define TRSL_VERSION   "0.2.2"
 Code version string.
#define TRSL_VERSION_NR   100020200
 Code version number.


template<typename RandomAccessIterator , typename RandomNumberGenerator >
void trsl::detail::partial_random_shuffle (RandomAccessIterator first, RandomAccessIterator middle, RandomAccessIterator last, RandomNumberGenerator &rg)
unsigned int trsl::rand_gen::uniform_int (unsigned int n)
 Returns an integer in [0,n[. Used internally.
template<typename Real >
Real trsl::rand_gen::uniform_01 ()
 Returns a float in [0,1[. Used internally.

Detailed Description

Definition in file common.hpp.

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#define TRSL_VERSION   "0.2.2"

Code version string.

Defined as major.minor.bugfix.

Definition at line 19 of file common.hpp.

#define TRSL_VERSION_NR   100020200

Code version number.

Defined as 1MMmmbbii, where MM is the major release number, mm is the minor release number, bb is the bug-fix release number, and ii is the internal release number.

Definition at line 27 of file common.hpp.

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